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The whole (ghost particles) record has Bob Dylan or Paul Simon level depth and an elegiac atmosphere that lingers after the songs have ended.” - Mike Baron

The Bloody Red Baron@popgeekheaven

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the ghost particles

the ghost particles are a new band comprised of veteran Madison musicians, some of whom have been active on the local music scene since the mid ‘70s. Bassist Joel Tappero (Spooner), keyboardist Don Irwin (The Rousers), guitarist, harmony vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Dave Benton (Spooner, The Rousers, The Waterdogs) and lead singer, songwriter and guitarist Phil Davis (First Person, Fire Town, The Emperors of Wyoming) came together in the fall of 2019, planning to record an EP of originals and start playing live shows. But the global pandemic of 2020 changed all that, shutting down live performances worldwide.  

Fortunately, the band members had extensive recording experience, and moved effortlessly into a new and vital phase—arranging and recording the new 11-song debut album of Davis originals in their respective personal studios, then transferring master quality tracks among themselves before sending them off to be mixed.  

Working with Minneapolis producer, drummer and mixer extraordinaire Jeremy Tappero, who has his own personal recording studio and is also bassist for Twin Cities luminaries, Soul Asylum, the new ghost particles record is built on a highly collaborative, guitar-based foundation that synthesizes a panoply of the band’s deep pop and rock musical influences and harmonies. The band plans to release single tracks and videos from the album periodically. They will make the entire album available for worldwide streaming from online music services, or for download from Artisanal Records, CD Baby and BandCamp. the ghostparticles are currently recording   and rehearsing with new band member, drummer Lee Laski (Stavin’ Chain, The Rousers, The Waterdogs) as they prepare for live performances later in 2022.

left to right:  dave benton, phil davis, lee laski, joel tappero and don irwin

left to right: dave benton, phil davis, lee laski, joel tappero and don irwin

Buy the ghost particles CD

CD version of the ghost particles' self-titled first album: slipcover and multi-page booklet with lyrics and credits; designed by Madison, WI artist Robin Good. 

Includes download: High Res WAV download